English- a small, tidy, evergreen shrub with wonderful aromatic qualities. Can be used fresh or dried. This is one of the most popular varieties of Thyme that goes with everything. Keep close by for easy harvest.

 English Miniature- a very compact version of the popular English Thyme, with the same uses. Dense growth habit provides many stems for cutting.

 French- a narrow-leafed version of the popular culinary thyme. The sweet flavor is preferred by many chefs. Pale lavender flowers in summer. Generally a more robust variety than other thymes. Shows better resistance to powdery mildew.

 German- aromatic, culinary variety is a must in the kitchen. Robust growth habit. Can be grown indoors. 

 Lemon- glossy green leaves and a wonderful lemon scent. Can be used in many fish or chicken recipes. Also releases lemon scent when brushed against or stepped on. Pretty pink flowers in the summer enhance its use as a container plant. Smells like lemon and taste like lemon. Use anytime lemon flavoring is called for. Can be grown in a container or a patio pot. Likes well-drained growing site.

 Lemon Variegated- one of the best year-round thymes with leaves tasting as great as they smell, with a strong lemon scent. Pretty pink flowers in the summer makes this creeping thyme worthwhile.

 Orange Scent- a new Thyme with an orange-spicy scent. When you cook with it, the  orange flavor lingers without the harsh aftertaste of other thymes. Pink flowers grow above this compact plant.

 Silver- a delicious addition to any herb garden or planter. Same culinary uses as other thymes, but with attractive silver leaves. Pink flowers in the summer. Grow in well-drained soil.

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