Bergarrten- a special variety of garden sage, that rarely flower, therefore prolonging harvesting of flavorful leaves. From the mountains of Hanover, Germany. The flavor is as good or better than garden sage.

 Garden- both a culinary and ornamental delight with its blue flowers during the summer. Rivals other sages during its bloom period, but stands alone as a necessary ingredient when used in stuffing and other recipes. Keep trimmed.

 Golden- a wonderful contrast plant in the garden and the leaves can be used in any recipe calling for sage.  A short lived perennial should be replaced every two or three years.

 Growers Friend- this vegetative version of Garden Sage presents excellent disease resistance and consistency. Desirable flavor and aroma combined with beautiful flowers.

 Pineapple- one of the last exotic hummingbird plants to flower in the fall, with its red spikes. A master of disguise, bruise the leaves and a wonderful aroma of fresh pineapple fills the air. Use in chicken or other recipes.

 Purple- an attractive purple leaf makes this a nice container plant or grow it in the herb garden. Same uses as regular sage.

 TriColor- beautifully boasts three colorful varieties of sage in this marvelous looking mix. Chefs absolutely love its pretty presentation.

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