Ancho Poblano- mildly pungent, high quality, uniform fruit matures from dark green to red. Heat increases when dried.  5-6" long. Known as Poblano as a fresh pepper and Ancho once dried. Open-pollinated.

 Biquinho Cherry Red- popular in Brazil, from where these peppers originate. Uniquely tart flavor with a touch of heat. Excellent eating raw, cooked or pickled. 

 California Wonder- large, blocky, thick-walled green pepper. Old time favorite that is one of the most popular varieties. HEIRLOOM!

 Corno di Toro- this highly attractive Italian variety is extremely popular.  Tapering fruits are 8-10" long and thin, often with a slight bull horn curve.  Deep crimson red color when fully ripe.  Plants are very vigorous with an excellent upright habit. HEIRLOOM!

 Early Jalapeño- traditional early type. A very popular and widely adapted variety with early dark green fruits changing to red.

 Gold Sweet Italian- large plants with long wrinkled tapered fruits and few seeds. Remains gold even at full maturity. Harvest first few peppers promptly to extend harvest.

 Golden California Wonder- highly regarded as one of the best orange-yellow sweet peppers. Open pollinated with high yields and fruit set in cool conditions.  

 Hungarian Hot Wax- yellow, medium hot pepper that tapers to a point. As it matures it develops a waxy skin, then turns red. Can be used to make paprika.

 Iko Iko- a natural array of colors in a heavy-yielding bell pepper. Iko Iko produces a carnival blend of purple and yellow peppers ripening to tangerine and red.

 King Crimson- early, prolific bell peppers are medium sized and blocky with thick walls. Superior quality and uniformity. 

 Little Bells- this is a wonderful variety with very early bell peppers with thick walls set on dwarf plants with short branches. Best eaten at the "green" eating stage. Good container plant.

 Mad Hatter- AAS Winner! Uniquely shaped peppers on big, bushy plants. Moderately sweet flesh with floral and citrus tones and mild heat near the center. 

 Maya Habanero- a bright red Habanero with outstanding appearance, flavor and heat! Early maturing and very productivity.

 Picnic Red- unbelievable sweetness! A rich, complex flavor make these an addictive choice. High yields, sturdy plants and world-class taste.

 Purple Beauty- attractive purple pepper plant with vibrant green interior makes for a unique, contrasting display. High yields and widely adapted. 

 Red Rocket Chile- early, quick drying Cayenne Chile with tapered fruits that have tender flesh when cooked. High yielding and widely adapted.

 Ring of Fire- very hot, prolific, 4" cayenne peppers with bright red glossy skin at maturity. Can be used fresh or dried.

 Shishito- small, mild Japanese pepper ideal for roasting, pan-frying and grilling. Pepper lore has is that the occasional fruit will display heat.

 Stocky Red Roaster- open-pollinated Italian frying pepper competes with the hybrids in quality and yield. The straight-forward name of this variety represents a truly outstanding pepper.

 Sweet Chocolate- sweet pepper with a very dark red, chocolatey color. Very early fruit set with heavy, high yields. 

 Sweet Lipstick- sweet and juicy heart-shaped peppers that are great for roasting and ideal for salads and salsas. High productivity of thick-fleshed, 4" long fruits.

 Yankee Bell- open-pollinated bell pepper with blocky lobed fruits are medium sized. Better quality and more uniform than other similar varieties.





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