Baby Oakleaf- attractive oak-shaped leaves. A new baby leaf lettuce with disease resistance. Thick, spooned shaped leaves makes this oakleaf lettuce a good choice. Mix with other salad greens.

 Beta Salad Mix- a mix of the best baby leaf varieties from the beet and chard groups. This mix will revolutionize the way we think about our beta greens, showcasing them as tender and delicious with the sweetness of Russian kales.

 Buttercrunch- crisp, sweet and slow to bolt. Forms a 6" rosette that is fan shaped and tightly bunched. Dark green leaves and compact hearts that turn an attractive yellow when blanched.

 Crispino- one of the very best green iceberg varieties because of its sweet flavor and its ease of growing. Light colored, tightly wrapped heads are surrounded by dark green leaves. 

 Dark Lolla Rossa- deep red, tightly wrapped leaves that surround a bright green heart make this Italian variety a popular choice. Mild flavor and vibrant color makes a nice addition to salad mixes. Slow growing and slow to bolt.

 Drunk Woman Frizzy Headed- you can surely use your imagination as to why this variety has the name that it does. 8" plants have ruffled green leaves that are red on the edges. Beautiful lettuce variety is widely popular.  And the name makes for great conversation.  

 Endive Tres Fine- a staple ingredient in salad mixes. Visually appealing and adds a desired bitterness to salads.

 Forellenschluss- stunning green leaves with redspotted pattern. The name means "speckled like a trout's back." HEIRLOOM!

 Green Romaine- excellent eating quality. Tall 24" dense, green romaine lettuce was bred for hot weather, and actually stays sweet and crisp despite the hottest of temperatures.

 Hampton Eazyleaf- a very slow to bolt, hefty, dark green oak leaf lettuce. Strong disease resistance, delicious flavor and showy appearance.

 Merlot- intense burgundy color makes this a standout. Delicious flavor and nice texture. 

 Mesclun Mix- colorful mix of lettuces to brighten any salad. Can also be used to add a stunning effect to combination flower planters.

 OutREDgeous- a premium blend of lettuces offering a tapestry of deeper colors, finer textures and excellent shelf life. Very attractive in gardens or large containers.

 Red Butter Romaine- intensely red upright outer leaves surrounding a buttery yellow-green interior and a rosy heart. The full sized heads are like a nested treasure to unwrap. Sweet, buttery soft interiors and crisper exterior leaves.

 Red Fire- popular choice for its uniformity, color and excellent resistance to bolting and disease. Large, loose heads are green at the base and dark red at the ruffled leaf edges. It is suitable for all conditions and retains its crisp fresh flavor throughout the season.

 Red Planet Mix- an all-lettuce mix of mostly spectacular reds with just the right amount of green leaf mixed in to show them off. A great blend for spring or summer when colors will be their brightest.

 Red Romaine- very dark red leaves that maintain their color in many conditions. A good variety for the home gardener. Beautiful and delicious addition to a salad or a sandwich. 

 Red Sails- AAS Winner due to its sweet flavor that doesn't become bitter in the heat of summer. Burgundy leaves with attractive bronze edges surround a vibrant green center.

 Red Salad Bowl- the darkest red oakleaf variety that makes for a great addition to salad mixes. Grows well in all seasons, is slow to bolt and exhibits great flavor. Shows darkest color in cooler temperatures.





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