Curly Roja- densely frilled leaf edges, stunning purple sage color, and red stems. Edible and ornamental! HEIRLOOM!

 Darkibor- high yields of dense, curly dark green leaves. Excellent tasting variety that produces particularly well in spring and fall.

 Dinosaur- classic Italian 'Dino' kale has deep blue long and narrow leaves. Has very high level of anti-oxidant carotenoids. Pick leaves from bottom up for continuous harvest.

 Dwarf Green Curled- frost tolerant and can be harvested well into winter. Tightly curled leaves and delicious flavor.

 Red Russian- bright purple stems with slate green, deeply lobed foliage. Leaves are tender and smooth compared with other kales and they are very sweet. HEIRLOOM!

 Siber Frill- intensely curled leaves so frilly that it barely needs chopping. A standout variety that is both sweet and delicious. Can be cooked, added to salads, or used as a garnish.

 Vates- popular compact variety with good resistance to yellowing. Curly, dark green leaves can be harvested at baby size or full size. Will go late into the season and can even be overwintered. 

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