Asian Ping Tung- this Asian variety can yield up to 20 fruits per plant. Very tender, magenta skin does not need to be peeled. Narrow 1-2" fruits are 12-18" long. 

 Black Beauty- high-yielding eggplant with large, bell-shaped, purple fruits. Plants are bushy and can be trellised. Grows best in warm weather.

 Diamond- this open-pollinated eggplant is a very prolific and early producer. The slender, attractive dark purple fruit hang in clusters for easy picking. Diamond has a mild flavor and lacks bitterness. Easy to grow.

 Little Fingers- more slender and petite than standard eggplant. Dark purple, few seeds and mildly sweet. Best picked when 3-6" and glossy. Best grown in well-drained soil.

 Rosa Bianca- delicious Italian heirloom consisting of round fruit streaked with white and violet. Mild, creamy taste.

 Snowy- elegant snow-white eggplant with delicate sweet flavor. Plants are upright and sturdy. Widely adapted.

 Traviata- Italian eggplant for home gardens. 'Violetta' fruit have a teardrop shape that average 6" long and 2.5" wide. Average weight is 4 oz each. Dark purple skin has a healthy shine when ripe and no spines. Fruit is abundant, setting regularly throughout the season.

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