Calypso- exceptionally early, heavy yields of uniform, blocky cukes. Firm 4" fruits are great for pickling and have excellent eating quality. Impressive disease resistance.

 Green Finger- thin-skinned, small seed cavity and exceptional flavor. Excellent disease resistance.

 Lemon- specialty heirloom variety of round, crunchy cukes that resemble a lemon. Coveted by chefs for its fresh, delicate flavor.

 Littleleaf- a compact plant with high yields of 3-5" cukes. Great in salads and for pickling. Disease resistant. 

 National Pickling- this is the pickling cuke that pickle growers ask for. High yielding, early fruiting on vigorous medium vines.

 Suyo Long- an heirloom Asian cucumber with sweet flavor. Never bitter. Will curl as it grows. Burpless too!

 Sweet Marketmore 76- prolific vines consistently produce large, dark green and tasty cucumbers. One of the most popular varieties.

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