Barbecue- delicious rosemary variety with sturdy upright branches which makes for an ideal skewer. A sure conversation starter. 

 Foxtail- a truly spectacular rosemary! Dense, arching branches resemble the tail of a fox! Great culinary herb and outstanding appearance in maturity.

 Gorizia- leaves that are larger than other varieties. Discovered in Gorizia, Italy, it imparts a pleasant flavor to meats, stews and vegetables. Strong stems can be used for skewers. Likes well-drained soil.

 Inguano- upright growth habit and dark green needles. Makes a great choice for any use. Shows excellent disease resistance. 

 Tuscan Blue- an elegant variety of rosemary with intense flavor. Finer leaves than other varieties and attractive blue flowers, hence its name. Well-suited for containers and herb gardens.

 Upright Blue Flower- a hardy evergreen shrub valued for the fragrance of the leaves, the form in the landscape, and for the deep blue flowers. Popular variety that grows tall.





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