Butterbeans- a buttery sweet, high yielding green soybean. Highly regarded as the best tasting green soybean, it is easy to shell and a vigourous, robust variety.

 Haricot Vert- incredible flavor highly desired by chefs. Exceptionally tender French filet beans on high yielding, compact plants.

 Jade Bush- gourmet quality! Glossy medium colored green beans are long and slender on large plants. High yielding and heat tolerant. 

 Kentucky Wonder- classic heirloom variety of pole bean with unbeatable productivity, consistency, and flavor. Use fresh for snap beans or dry on the vines for an excellent soup bean.

 Mardi Gras Blend- purple, yellow and green snap beans make for an eye-catching blend! Smooth, crisp texture and great flavor.

 Provider- compact bush bean with good yields of long, stringless green beans. Dependable early variety and tasty. One of the most popular and commonly grown varieties of bush bean.

 Soy Edamame- protein-rich versatile bush beans. Edamame can be eaten fresh, cooked, and fermented (tofu, miso, soy sauce, etc).

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