African Blue- wonderful ornamental basil with bicolor leaves and stunning purple flower spikes.  Good for salads, also use in fresh cut flower bouquets or as an attractive container plant.

 Amethyst Improved- the darkest purple basil with “Genovese”  type leaves. The almost black leaf is a real stunner! Use in recipes just like you would regular Genovese basil, also makes for a great container or border plant.  

  Aroma 2- thick, glossy, dark green 3" leaves and a strong resistance to Fusarium wilt make this classic Genovese type basil very popular.  

  Cinnamon- sweet cinnamon scent and awesome flavor.  Fragrant green leaves with beautiful pink to purple flowers blooming July to August.  Pinch off flowers to encourage more leaves.  Good in borders and containers. 

  Genovese Compact- excellent variety for container gardens and smaller spaces with all the same characteristics of the classic genovese type, just smaller and more compact. 

  Greek Columnar- aromatic basil with unusual upright growth habit and attractive smaller leaves.  Same culinary uses as ordinary basil. 

  Holy (Tulsi)- this basil has a multitude of uses. Unique aroma reminiscent of coffee and chocolate lend to both a subtly sweet and mildly spicy flavor. Compact plants with a very full, attractive appearance.

  Italian Large Leaf- think big! A large leaf Genovese-type basil with leaves up to 4" long. A great selection for pesto and Italian cuisine. Plants are slow to bolt.

  Lemon- award winning lemon basil with high essential oil content and pungent lemon scent and flavor. Can be used as a filler in flower bouquets as well as in many fine recipes.  

  Lime- add some sweet and tangy zest to your dishes and drinks! Delivers a unique citrus flavor to fish and salads. Beautiful, bright green 2" leaves on a compact plant.

  Pistou Greek- very compact, upright variety with tiny leaves. Very attractive plant with both strong flavor and aroma. 

  Purple Ruffles- dark purple ruffled leaves. Stunning in salads with yellow tomatoes. Attractive border plant or use in cut flower bouquets. Strong basil flavor.

  Spicy Bush- both spicy and sweet flavor are packed into the tiny leaves of this compact variety. Grows like a miniature bush.

  Sweet Thai- authentic Thai basil flavor. Use it as a garnish for sweet dishes. Attractive purple stems and magenta to purple blossoms. Trendy and very popular.

  Tuscany Lettuce Leaf- very large, 3-5" long attractive leaves with a ruffled, crinkled appearance. Great in salads and for wrapping other ingredients. Keep tips pinched to encourage bushy growth.  Nice, mild basil flavor with hints of licorice.

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